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Главная » 2014 » Октябрь » 30 » Dubcrossing in Tandem - Ukraine and EU
Dubcrossing in Tandem - Ukraine and EU

Very soon we will meet in the beautiful city of Lviv during TANDEM
project. Except cultural activity our organization DOBRO  from
Dobropoliye works in environmental field.

Dopropoliye is the small coal mining town which earlier was the
greenest among the rest in industrial Donetsk region. But now most of
the trees have fallen into disrepair. More over mine dumps (slagheaps)
add problems for local residents because of permanent air emissions
consisting of dozens of chemical compounds and fine coal dust. That’s
why our organization decided to start greening in our town by
establishing dendrological park.

The main species of trees there will
be oaks. And we use acorns (seeds of oaks) for planting which get from
different countries and cities. We have more than 100 young oaks
already. It’s small garden in the school yard right now but we want to
make big park.

So we want to ask you for help! To help us you only need to gather
5-10 acorns in your city and bring them to TANDEM forum in Lviv. We
will plant them later and local children in Dobropoliye will take care
about them. By the way you can check how YOUR oak (tree from acorns
you donated) will grow via webcam in the near future.

Look forward for our meeting!

Best wishes, Vladimir and Yuliya.

More info https://www.facebook.com/DubCrossing


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